Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Schweet cloud day and 70 beautiful....I can't even hear the sewing machine beckoning me.

This weather has be so fantastic! I am going to be sad I wasn't as productive as I should of been during show season for sure....   Loving July so far...I cannot remember one that was this wonderful temperature-wise....                       
                        So today I am listing a sweet fall pumpkin with a perky mouse on top.   The pumpkin is made from orange dyed chenille and has a little wooden also smells wonderfully fall with "Primitive Home" scent from Crow's Nest Primitive Shoppe.   Love her scents and pretties.  

                                                  Available on my Facebook page and Etsy if I can find 
                                                  the time to list on there.   I tend to let my mind and fingers
                                                  wander and pretty soon forget why I went there initially.  Heehee

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