Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I have been so busy making "stuff" and being sad about my youngest leaving for England that I have certainly been neglectful   this month....    How am I EVER going to get over her being in England for 3 yrs?   I am the mom that homeschooled and cried her eyes out when my girls were married....and left me. LOL     Empty nest syndrome was particularly difficult for me.      SIGH....   never the less ...despite sadness and the menopause emotional rollercoaster ...the.show.must.go.on!          I have been making unusual pumpkins this year....different and fresh...however they are not properly photo'ed yet....  so here is another sweet pink lady that has flown our coop to her new home.    

She has a nice new home already but I am making more....and more.... and working on some sweeeet kitties with new fabric that excites me...Hope it will  you too!      This is the other distraction I have...idn't she adorable?    


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