Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yay! sweet sunny days and nice weather

Today was a Beautiful day! I so missed the sun, and the 70 something degrees...spend lots of time planting in containers...and trying out the "pool method" .... I have kiddie pools with 5-5 gallon buckets in two of the pools and  5- cloth shopping bags in the third.  So far my cabbages have germinated, romaine is growing, Fool You jalapeno peppers and  Heirloom tomato's are doubled in size and flowers are actually growing too.   It's awesome.   I try to plant everywhere I can.....and my biggest surprise was finding a giant Morel mushroom under my lilac tree.    Hubby made a square wooden box around the area and we are going to try to propagate them for next year with some purchased spore and kitchen scraps...of a vegetable nature.         Besides that I have been FINALLY finishing up my  Bella and Bubbles pattern...     hope to get it out this week along with a new pattern I have been tossing around for about 6 months..    
 This is Nana's Baby and she is available to order.  Fabrics vary.    She is available on my facebook fan page.    Have a great day.   

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